Shane Claiborne at Peoples

I was afraid to read his book, The Irresistible Revolution; I was afraid of what it might say that would make me feel uncomfortable, and challenge me. That said, I probably should have read his book by now. After hearing him speak tonight, I’m not afraid anymore, I realize his challenge comes with joy.

he wrote three books, none of which I've read, yet

Certainly it is a challenge, as certainly as it is dangerous. I’m talking about the Bible. But risking your life, and everything you’ve ever lived for, might be more exciting and fun and life-giving than hiding from God’s call, and settling for the status quo over the revolutionary.

he\'s funny, and not at all pretentious

I worried that I’d feel uncomfortable by what Shane had to say, like one might feel dread on their way to a superior who is going to tell them what they did wrong. But I was instantly put at ease by this: The man giggles! There is nothing more endearing than a Philly accent on a grown man (with dreads) who has this wonderfully joyful giggle for a laugh. I am really looking forward to reading his book with that encouraging, hopeful voice still fresh in my mind.


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  1. The Machine says:

    Oh man, I need to read it too! We should read it together!

    Seriously, everyone is always like, “have you read it?” And I’m like no, but I heard him speak. I don’t remember the giggle though!

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