Potato chip bird

I saw one this morning.

Otherwise known as the graceful, swooping, yellow and black Gold Finch.

They’re called the potato chip bird because their chirp sort of sounds like they’re saying “potato chip potato chip” and their flight is in great upside down archs, the shape of Pringles.


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  1. I love those birds so much. Around here they are seen only in the summer and we feed them all summer and we sure miss them in the winter time/

    In winter we feed the gross beak, the woodpecker
    and the blue jays.I hope you take care of our summer
    birds. Thank you for taking care of our summer birds.

    1. Chris says:

      Saw my first one today on my bird bath and feeder. Quite the good looking bird. Got a good pic of it too.

  2. Linda Fuller says:

    My granddaughter and I saw these birds at my feeder hanging from the oak tree and wonder what their name was. They’re so cute. I have had my feeders around my yard for a long time however, just this year have I noticed the yellow birds. So cool!

  3. magie says:

    I heard one 5 mins ago. They are such beautiful sounding birds

  4. miguel says:

    I live in chicago and the most beautiful birds i commonly see are cardinals and parrots that have somehow freed themselves and managed to reproduce and stay alive. I saw one of these today and was mesmorized by its flight pattern and how bright the yellow actually is and how pure the black is.

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