This article is so good.

Here are some quotes (the large font is so you can read the wisdomey goodness better):

There is a difference between “pain” and “suffering.” Pain is the natural human response to our human conditions. You spill hot coffee in your lap; you yell and let fly a few words that you ordinarily don’t use. That’s pain. … But suffering is the mental, emotional and spiritual anguish that is added because you have made your well-being dependent upon your human conditions. If you spill the coffee, and then berate yourself for being a total failure and stupid person, then you are allowing your sense of self to be determined by your human conditions. That’s suffering.

At your core, you are as God created you-an image or reflection or expression of God. You became lost to this fact, and instead created a life based on a false identity. This produces a deep disharmony within you because you instinctively know you are falling short of God’s loving intention for you. … The life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus offer the healing balm enabling you to overcome this. That healing balm is knowing you are a beloved child of God, and all is forgiven.

This article speaks to exactly what I’ve been contemplating lately: the idea that it is impossible to achieve peace because of all the hardships and tragedies of life. There are too many ways I mess up with God, and ultimately, my desire for perfection has pinned my hopes for joy and peace on circumstances outside myself, and I’ve imagined the good life to be “if only this…if only that…”

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. – Jesus


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  1. jon juane says:

    oh my freaking goodness this article is AMAZING! and i totally disagree about your bait and switch comment! THIS IS BRILLIANT! its like FREEDOM from the limits we put on independence day even! its like hey america.. you think your american freedom is worth celebrating? well what about internal freedom by Christ! HOLLLAAAAAA

  2. jon juane says:

    ok i know i just commented but im at work and am BLOWN AWAY BY THIS GOOD NEWS!!! ITS SO TRUE! AND SO AMAZING!!! AHHHHHH

  3. Christine says:

    my biggest beef with it was that I almost didn’t read the article because my first reaction was, “doesn’t apply to me, I’m not doing anything this July 4th!”

    I would’ve really missed out …

  4. jon says:

    true.. but SO GOOD THAT YOU DIDNT EH!?!?!

    ahhhh i did the sweetest philippians bible study tonight and its ALL about that good news freedom stuff.. i love it

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