Jealous God

Oprah once said that when she was 28 years old she was sitting in church when the preacher said God was a jealous God. That didn’t jive well with her understanding of God, and she is quoted as saying that she didn’t like the idea that God would be jealous of her.

First off, the preacher wasn’t saying God is jealous of you, Oprah. God is jealous when the love of our lives isn’t him. He is our rightful lover, so to speak, and gets jealous when we direct our hearts elsewhere, namely at idols.

On second thought, maybe God is jealous of you, Oprah, because of how many people worship the ground you walk on and treat you as if you as the Lord of their lives.

Eughhhh. Oprah.


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  1. makarios says:

    Ya enough already. She just doesn’t get it – At All. God bless. Cool photos

  2. Alex says:

    The problem with people like her is semantics. The are taking the meaning of the word jealous as He also has the human emotions of hatred from it, and make him to be a caddy girl or mean b/f.

    Wikipedia quoting Parrott: “jealousy is an emotion experienced when a person is threatened by the loss of an important relation with another person”
    Exactly what you said. He does not need us to survive, but He should so much like to have us anyways. (that and He wants us to choose what is best for us)

    i am rambling, but yeah. Oprah sucks lol

  3. Patrick says:

    Oprah is the anti-Christ.

    …well she might as well be!

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