I need to get rid of false versions of myself that are cluttering my soul, because I’ve learned that, from a spiritual perspective, the enemy of simplicity is not complexity at all, but rather duplicity.

– Mindy Caliguire, Simplicity

How do you respond to the prospect of finding duplicity lurking in your soul?

This is an interesting concept, one that I have been thinking of recently, but not in the context of “duplicity,” rather regarding identity. I think I am at a stage of my life where I feel like I can do anything; an open plateau is before me where previously I was climbing a ladder – forward was narrow, now forward is broad. I feel as if I am constantly trying to reconcile what I do with who I wish to be.

My blog post about my engagement hinted at that process. I had fought against admitting things were difficult for so long that I found myself unhappy on the inside, and even unhappier because no one knew.

Duplicity, I think, is a temptation especially for a Christian because she can have the best of both worlds. She can be holy and upright with Christian friends, and more raw, more rough-around-the-edges, more noble – by the world’s standards – with non-Christians. The irony is that with this duplicity (false piety with the Christians and Christlessness with the non-), there is no depth of relationship. You don’t grow as a Christian when all the Christians act like nothing is wrong, and you won’t win people to Christ when you indistinguishable from the non-Christians. The solution, I believe, is openness and honesty with Christians and non- alike, both with victories and struggles in Christ. That is what makes us Christians: living life in Christ, whatever happens.


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