The books I ordered from InterVarsity Press arrived today. One of them was entitled Simplicity.

Pretty, huh.

I’m going to answer some of the questions it poses here, for posterity.

What contributes to the stress level in your life these days?

One is a person, the other is my cat. I think I have allergies, and I think my body is not building up immunity so much as wearing down with the constant influx of allergins. The person is my Dad. Where do I start? My Dad is, well, senile? Ungrateful. Annoying. Aggravating. Selfish. All those things. And I live with him. So it’s a source of stress.

The next thing would probably be wedding planning. So close, yet so far. It may be a matter of days before I have a date, but it’s still not set! I feel so close to “the end” of our period of waiting that each passing day seems arduous. And as the big choice approaches (basically, booking the reception hall), I wonder, “Am I making the right decision?”

Finances. I have enough money, but am I spending it wisely? Am I making good choices?

I am often at a loss of what the right thing to do is, and I take that as a personal failure and quite troubling. Now, I know that being in the dark is a normal personal failure, as the estimations of man regarding good and evil have been flawed ever since we decided we knew better than God and ate of the fruit, but it still gets to me.

Cooking. I get “kitchen mad,” especially when recipes don’t work the way they’re supposed to, I mess things up, drop things, get cat hair in things, and/or face my father’s impatience regarding when dinner is ready and what we’re having. The worst thing about the latter is that he doesn’t give two figs to taste, as he’s been a smoker his entire life. All my efforts usually result in the same, half-hearted compliment, “good!”

Cleaning. Laundry. Keeping things tidy. I’m not good at any of these, and it takes a great deal of effort to get around to it, and then when I do, it’s usually been six months since the last time I did, so it takes forever.

To a certain degree, the lack of interior design (no paint in the entire apartment or paintings on the wall in my room) bothers me.

(Pleasing) my mother.

My relationship with my fiance. Are we pure enough? Should we be praying more? I tend to worry pre-emptively; thinking, “What’s wrong that we should be working on, but are unaware of?” Our relationship will never be perfect, so it is reasonable to ask “What can we be working on?” but it is quite easy to just keep ignoring it until something comes up (or blows up).

Well, that’s a start…


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