The Definition of Perfection

Once again,’s weekly compilation of articles has blown my heart away.

If you’ve ever struggled, like I have, with the concept of perfection, you might be as blessed as I was to read these.

Transformed Nature :: K.P. Yohannan
Don’t obey the Bible to be spiritual.

Simply Perfect :: Ask Jack
How to be perfect as your heavenly father.

Facing Our Limitations :: Kingdom Come
“Dealing is the key to avoiding breakdown.”

The Man Who Sees God :: Urbana Classics – 1951
“You must be undone before God uses you.”

It really is amazing how well these four pieces work together.

What blew my mind?

The word translated “perfect” here means something that has realized the purpose for which it was planned, designed, and made.

– Ask Jack

Amazing. Perfection (to me) has always been what I made of it – some imaginary state of completeness, of having arrived, of being done. I, of course, never seem to arrive, am never done, and I hated the fact that I had this idea of perfection yet was incapable of achieving it (even WITH christ).

But I’m starting to realize my perfection is not of Christ, and the things I do in Christ are never with a goal such as “be perfect” in mind. Instead, when I am in Christ, I am doing things much more aligned with who God created me to be, and as Christ works through me, it’s clear that this is the way I was always meant to work.

Understanding that perfection is no longer “making no mistakes” but instead the realization of what we were designed for, gives me a great peace.  I know, in part, some of the ways God uses me that are unique to me, ways that illuminate the role I alone can play on this earth.

And if perfection means realizing what I am, rather than becoming something I’m not, well, then I think I can do that in Christ.


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