Red Shoes

I’m not the first bride to wear them, but it’s presently a secret desire of mine, seeing as my mom will FREAK at the idea.

ALDO’s got some very good sales on right now. I’ve been watching and waiting, and I think these $80 shoes aren’t going to go much lower than $23.98. Sign-up for their e-mail newsletter, and you get 10% off. Shipping is just $5 or you can go nuts and buy $80 worth of shoes (not hard) and get free shipping. Returns can be made at any ALDO store.

These are called “MCLAREN



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  1. beth maher says:

    Ahhhhh! Do it!

    I loooooove a little bit of colour on a bride. You should wear a red crinoline, and a little red birdcage veil too. (here’s one: – you could make that yourself pretty easy).

    It would be the insane hotness!

  2. Christine says:

    I love your excitement, Beth, it is much appreciated. I’ll let you know when they arrive if they fit and all that.

    As for the veil, it seems my grandma has designs on that…in that she wants to make it for me. I have no strong feelings for a veil, either way, although I do like the idea of a pretty jewel-encrusted thingmabob stuck in my updo, once the veil comes off. My grandma wanted to make my wedding dress but since she broke her wrist, she’s been reduced to much smaller tasks. A veil would be the perfect thing, I think, that would make her feel connected and contributing, and I would, of course, love to wear it. (You take it off for the reception, anyway, right?)

  3. Hillary says:

    I wore red shoes and it was great. Do it…

  4. Christine says:

    The shoes have arrived. They fit perfectly!!! Now to get used to 4.5 inch heels…

    I’m thinking maybe five minutes a day will wear them in (and get my feet used to them).

    They’re real leather, so theoretically, these could become the most comfortable stilettos ever.

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