Prayer – Getting back into it

This is an article with some great insight on how to pray.

I’ve struggled lately with the format of prayer. I don’t want to be legalistic – I don’t think folding my hands or kneeling is somehow “more spiritual” but I do recognize that sometimes I’m catering more to my own comfort than demonstrating humility before God…when I refuse to get out of my warm bed despite trying to make a concerted effort to pray. And my mind wanders and I have trouble focusing…

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

If we stop and think about it, our lives are full of these rites of preparation. At breakfast this morning I did not begin my meal by opening the refrigerator door, grabbing the orange juice and drinking it straight from the container. No, the orange juice had to be poured into a glass. Tea had to be brewed. Bread was toasted golden brown, then covered with a swath of delicious maple butter. The toast was placed on a plate, then carried, with the tea and orange juice, into the dining room. There I sat down, prayed, and then ate my breakfast. Rites of preparation made it possible for me to enjoy my breakfast. In so many areas of life, whether we are conscious of it or not, we enact rites of preparation.

These rites are no less important when we begin to pray.

Ok, first off – MAPLE BUTTER?!

Secondly – you pray before breakfast?!

That’s such a good idea. I pray before dinner, but to be reminded to pray by every meal – wow. Now that’s a good idea.


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  1. Sarah Kirk says:

    Hmmmm…great quote. I had started reading that article at work the other day and was interrupted and never finished it. I’m glad you reminded me to finish it!

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