Friday night, always a good night for some Sabbath.

Rest Well to Serve Well: an article about getting worn out, and why it happens. (GOD MADE US TO REST).

We aren’t machines.

Do you Sabbath?

I don’t. My weekends are rarely restful, and it exhausts me. Especially going back on a Monday when you feel like you haven’t stopped since Friday night.

I need to figure out how to Sabbath, and quick!

(the title is a quote from Freaks & Geeks)


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  1. Hannah says:

    Oh wow, yeah. I could totally go for some Sabbath. I really empathize with you on that whole Friday-night-to-Monday-morning-non-stop feeling. I tried to assign Sunday as my Sabbath, but it was only regarding school work. Even so, Sundays are hardly Sabbath for me.

    I don’t think I’ve ever written the word Sabbath so many times in one place. Sabbath Sabbath Sabbath. It’s weirding me out.

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