So what you’re saying is…

The LORD is my shepherd,

I am a stupid, stinky animal covered in burrs that has a tendency to get stuck on cliffs and drown in two inches of water. And God is my caretaker.

I shall not be in want.

Sounds like paradise. Not hungry, not thirsty, not cold, not wet. Maybe a nice breeze blowing, some sunshine.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

Pasture is a source of food AND a bed. Kinda like a cinnabun. (That’s a Jim Gaffigan reference).

he leads me beside quiet waters,

Because those rough waters are drownable. Quiet waters are peaceful. Thirst-quenching. Non-life threatening.

he restores my soul.

because souls can get erased, like a hard drive. Wait, what’s a soul? That ghosty part of each of us that makes us different than animals? So my humanity, my spirit, my joy, my energy, the thing that makes me “me”. When I’ve lost that, he gives it back.

He guides me in paths of righteousness

He walks and I follow, and we do good things. There are other paths, but these paths we’re on together are good.

for his name’s sake.

Because walking with him, and him walking with me, brings the good kind of attention, develops his good reputation, makes him famous for all the right reasons.

God won’t let this weak, breakable, easily lost stinky animal that really has no idea what’s going on fall and break its neck and drown in a ditch.

But I have to remember to recognize HIS voice. To follow him. Stick to him like a clingy child that realizes life is best near the big man with a stick and all the power.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love this. loveitloveitloveit.

    cause, we’re SHEEP! ;)

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