Don’t forget about PEOPLE

“There is NEVER any reason to be unkind.”
– Dr. Ravi Zacharias

I’m convinced that an inverse relationship exists between how much you hate your job and how well you know your colleagues. I don’t mean that if you bring cupcakes to the office and join the party planning committee you will immediately start loving your job. I’m saying that it’s hard to hold a grudge against your micromanaging boss when you have been walking with her through a bitter divorce. And you can’t get too mad over your health insurance premium increasing when the coworker you babysit for was just laid off. Even if it means talking to the maintenance guy with the awkward lingering handshake or the woman in accounting who steals all of your purple paperclips, at some point you have to make yourself vulnerable and invest in the lives of others. You may not learn to love your job, but you can learn to love your coworkers.

– David Buckmaster, Regaining Passion for Your Job,


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Yep. Also, my last college roommate loves Ravi Zacharias.

  2. Aw, Ravi. I remember being flabbergasted time and again by that guy back in high school.

    I would agree with ol’ Davey Buckmeister. My work itself is still less than awesome, but mindful of the Cross of Christ, I’ve been getting closer to my enemies ;)

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