Why Do We Go To Church?

For me, it’s the people. Pastoral care is garnered through friendships, through Bible study and mentoring. Church is also a place I can serve and use my gifts. I give and receive. I am part of a community.

But should it be the sermon?

I don’t think so. God certainly calls lots of people to be pastors who aren’t the greatest preachers.

And being a pastor is a whole lot more than just the Sunday morning sermon.

Why do you go to your church?


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  1. ruthsgleanings says:

    I go primarily because of the people–because of their needs. It’s a joy to minister and be ministered to within “the family” if you know what I mean. It’s great to be surrounded by that big swell of love. That’s just me, though. Thanks for asking.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hehehe… Christine, meet my college roommate. She’s cool. :)

  3. Darrell says:

    Well, I have been going every Sunday for almost 50 years. I have gone for many reasons. To meet others, draw off what encouragement they can give, Because I had to, because of habit, because I was expected to be there, so I wouldn’t get a visit during the week from the preacher or others, to get something from the sermon. but over the last couple of years I have found a new reason and that is to worship God. All those other reasons are temporal and changing. God is the only constant in this universe and He is never changing. I find when I go to church for the purpose of worshiping God and that is my focus, I come away having been blessed. I hear people walk away from church saying, “I didn’t get anything out of that message.” They went in the wrong attitude of getting instead of giving. I find that when I give to God (Not necessarily in money) I get from God. Or they were disappointed that there friend wasn’t there or someone didn’t encourage them the way they ought to be encouraged. People are changing and God is not. Our reason for going to church is important. Thanks for posting the question. With your permission, I would like to post the question on my blog. Thanks.

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