Your calling – is His calling on you to Him for the body.
– Matt Chandler,

He is what we’re after and we get more of Him by being obedient to Him by following our calling.

If anything else is the goal or the pursuit you will not persevere. It’s not about church attendance, or getting people baptized.

Is He enough for you?

Don’t sell out and try to make “cool Jesus” so that you can get the things you think are markers of success that you think are markers of godliness.

There is nothing more relevant than the Gospel.

Take courage. Do not rob those God has sent you to serve, of right, deep worship, by soft-selling the Gospel. Put to death the thing in you that holds you back because you’re too concerned with how you’ll be perceived. Too concerned with making people like you.

Do not let any part of your heart not belong to God. Give it all to him.

Feel the weight of heaven and hell.


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  1. Jena says:

    Thanks for posting that!

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