La Tour CN

I am from Toronto, and yet that tall spikey landmark I had only ever experienced from the outside…

’til last night.

I used to really resent my parents for leaving out this experience from my childhood, this integral part of my Torontonian roots.

Now, the CN Tower-sized hole in my heart has been filled.

What’s more, is that I got to witness a U2 concert, if only from above, and if only for about 15 minutes (before it got boring watching the thousands of tiny dots and listening to barely discernible music).

It was an evening of surprise. I got home, and my husband had done some internetting and wanted to bring me to “someplace new” for dinner. It’s one of the highest rated sushi places in Toronto (New Generation, if you’re in the area). It was packed, smelled a bit like bleach (we could see the dishwashers from our seat near the back of the restaurant), but the service was very quick and the food was SO GOOD (you didn’t even notice the bleach smell after a while). We were stuffed and the price was cheaper than all-you-can-eat. Oh, and free green tea (which seems to be the standard in a lot of places) and complimentary ice cream afterwards, just makes me so happy.

After this we hopped back on the subway and began walking. I had no idea where. Soon I was amongst a host of people walking towards the Sky Dome – er – “Rogers Centre”, for U2. I didn’t think for one second that Will was bringing me to U2. I guessed CN Tower, but his evasive response was convincing enough that I ran through my head alternate possibilities. There could be the lake, or maybe a restaurant for coffee and tea, but my mind wasn’t racing. I was just kinda going with the flow. Deep down I was still suspecting, however, that our date was going to be the CN Tower.

Then, when we had almost walked past the place where we’d have to turn in order to get in, we turned.

It was a great surprise. I’ve always wanted to go. And I just so happened to bring my camera, which made it perfect.

Yay. Romance.


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  1. will says:


    love you mooshums

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