It Came From Within

by Andy Stanley


I am reading this book. It’s as fun as it looks, but not in the way you might expect from the cover art.

You cannot be in fellowship with the Father and out of fellowship with others over something you have done. The two go hand in hand. Confessing secretly to God or to a priest is no substitute for confessing openly to someone you have wronged. God values relationship and considers restoration a priority. Often, that requires confession – not just to God, but to the offended party.
Part of walking with God is making that call you dread making; setting up that appointment you know will be incredibly awkward; writing that letter that you should have written long ago. It means humbling yourself, owning up to your part of the problem…
when you swallow your pride…something remarkable happens. Guilt loses its foothold in your heart, and the power of sin is broken in your life.

(he goes on to explain that if you admit to doing X to the person you sinned against, you’re a lot less likely to do it again, especially if you know you’d have to admit to doing X again – therefore “breaking the cycle of sin”).


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