ClearPlay, eh?

Apparently, there is technology that edits movies for you.

Here is the list of things you can have removed.

It either skips the scene or mutes the language, and you can control what you want filtered out (if you don’t want to hear OMG but don’t mind seeing illicit drug use, you can do that).

It’s called ClearPlay.

That’s a cool technology. After all, if I could edit movies to remove the gratuitous sex scenes (and it’s ALWAYS gratuitous – let’s face it, these people RARELY need to be having sex so early in their relationships), I would.

But where would District 9 be without Vickus’ South African F-bombs?

What’s odd? Other than the censorship?

Their list of movies that they have filters for.

Hannah Montana needs to be filtered?

What’s wrong with 17 Again?

Moreover, what is LEFT of The Watchmen if you removed the violence and sex(ual organs)?


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  1. Darrell says:

    I got saved a few years ago. I was a good church member before, and considered the movies I watched with my kids as ok. Now I am remarried with a 12 Y.O. and truly saved now. I would bring some of the movies I had watched with my kids and I cringe. Though they weren’t explicit, there was language that was suggestive and some of them were on the edge and some had crude humor. I was embarrassed and took them out of the DVD player and got rid of them. I have also found that PG13 might as well be R. If it aint good enough for someone under 13 to watch, it aint good for us to watch. We are to keep our minds as pure and innocent as a child. I go to to make my decisions before going out to movies. So many movies that I used to watch I found that they were hilarious even without the language. Most of the movies we had originally were recorded off regular tv since we didn’t have cable and were edited. Then I got the DVD years later and find that they had edited a lot out.

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