Crocs for Kids

crocsKids in Burundi don’t have footwear, and that puts them at risk for parasites and worms. The infections that can be gained through the feet can lead to malnutrition and slow cognitive development. So CROCS donated 40,000 pairs of shoes! Yay, CROCS!

Food for the Hungry Canada looked after shipping, which cost of $40,000. They have $21,500 to raise yet. Consider partnering with them by calling 1.800.667.0605. Check out their blog for more info on this project (and the other amazing work they do):


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  1. Jena says:

    I love it!

    Now practically EVERY kid in the world has a pair. I saw them on the kids here, the boys in pictures of the polygamous sects in Texas, I’ve seen them on kids in Africa — and now I find out this is how they got there :) Even places that are “remote” to us and cut off from the world still have Crocs…

    Imagine how many more could be given shoes if someone would match the $$ amount in cheap knock-offs (which I find more comfortable anyway)…

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