Devotional resources

Recently a friend asked me,

“So I am putting together staff devos for counselors gr.9-univ. for my camp this summer. I need 3 weeks of material. My boss suggested looking at blogs but since I do not blog I was wondering if you had any suggestions?”

Now, I don’t know any devotional blogs (although I have no doubt they exist) but I thought I’d offer what I find to be particularly interesting and pertinent to youth today. Here is my response: is probably your best bet for the high-school/college-aged group. It has a lot of good articles on faith, dating, singleness…all those sorts of things. Here’s a link to their “best of” articles pertaining to different topics:

Another great website for issues “relevant” to our culture is and popular with the young ones is They’ve done some interesting articles recently on “you are who your friends are” by Donal Miller and then there’s one on prayer that’s kinda cool
and always a good topic, how NOT to read the Bible

So those are two places that would have a lot of good content that could be great conversation starters, if that’s what you’re thinking you might need. But as for traditional-style devotions…

I can’t find anything on for students or youth, but I’m sure some of these could be easily adapted… they all seem free

Enjoy your reading!


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