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I know in the Twitterverse it’s typically “Follow Friday” that you share people to follow, but since it’s Sunday, and I’ve just shared a bunch of great Christian quotes, I thought I’d share some of the Christian websites/twitterpeople that I really like. and

I found this couple after they posted a YouTube video that went viral. You may remember it. It’s the one where the kids are singing “Single Ladies” in the back seat and the father says, “Losiah, you’re not a single lady” (the boy is maybe 2?) and he gets really upset and it’s cute. Google it. They’re just an interesting couple, and I love seeing their relationship, and the things they get up to.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been following this blog, but it is the blog of Scott Bessenecker, the author of The New Friars and How to Inherit the Earth. He writes well about poverty, and I read his blog to keep things in perspective for me. I met him briefly during the summer of 2007 when I interned with Inter-Varsity, and then saw him again (and he remembered me! – I suspect because I comment on his stuff on Facebook) at Urbana 09.

This one is a good, but tough read. Matt Tapley was/is the worship leader and pastor of a church that I visited, pretty much primarily for his preaching (and the great worship), for a couple years. He is a fantastic speaker. And his daughter, who I think is 8 or 10, is going through treatment for cancer. Start this blog from the beginning. It kinda blows you away and knocks the wind out of you, simultaneously. This is one of those blogs that for some reason, has been very restorative for me during my depression. If you don’t use a reader, he tweets about new blog entries at

In the same vein as the previous one, but a more recent story, I have subscribed to this blog and the Twitter feed. She and her husband were married for four months when she had a stroke. This is incredibly rare for someone her age (early 20s?) but the risk of stroke goes up with birth control use. Reading the blog, which is written by a number of people, including Amy’s father, has broken me. This is one of those situations that, when you see the horror of it, and you see who it’s happening to and the way they’re dealing with it, you just see Jesus Christ. It’s hard to describe, but I get the same vibes from Matt Tapley.

While I’m not saying his Twitter feed is the most entertaining thing ever, he did reply to a Tweet I directed at him, and apparently made his day :) I’d call him a great rapper, who believes in Jesus, as opposed to a Christian rapper, which you may or may not have preconceived ideas about. This guys lyrics are … hilarious, and awesome, and I want everyone to listen to his song, “Nerd Out,” especially if you consider yourself in any way nerdy. You can listen to his album, Gun Show, at the Drop.

Good articles. From their website: “Stc hopes to serve as a resource, creative inspiration, sounding board and overall honest collaborative effort among church leaders, communicators, designers, worship/creative artists and social media advocates.”

I’ve always been a big fan of Relevant, mostly because it was one of the first introductions I had to great design combined with faith. I’m a bit inundated by them now, as I check out their website, am a fan on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, but it’s still good to have 140-character updates about what they’re writing about.

I’ve met this man, and he is pretty much, the friendliest, most awesome man ever. He is the president of WorldVision Canada, and very encouraging to hear. I started following him right after the Haiti earthquake, where he was on the ground giving updates on the situation there.

Likely most beneficial to those who are in leadership, paid or not, in the church, either as a graphic designer, communicator, or as someone who appreciates them. When I read it, I have hope, because I’m reminded there are people out there doing a better job than we are, people with passion and talent and vision.


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