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Pastor’s talking from Ephesians. So far I’ve gathered that we’re Gentiles and because we’ve been given the salvation ticket into the body of Christ we should live according to the calling. *So far lots of Bible quoting but not a lot of explanation. He’s talking about how some Christians are weird and different and there’s division in the church. The story about chicken livers is lols.
So the question he’s asking is
how do we maintain unity of the Spirit. In four points.

Humility, patience, gentleness, bearing one another in Christ. from Paul’s exhortation to the Ephesians.
(I recommend AcroBible for your iPhone Bible needs)

Apparently the Greeks didn’t have a word for humility. Our society has become uncivil; we’re proud and selfish. True say, homay. Christ was countercultural for the Greeks and he still is today. The way of believers is not normal. *my words. This is what he’s getting at.

Unity in the church comes from humility. Submit yourself to Gods control and glory. *Great. But what does that mean?

Put God first. Corrie Ten Boom. “When Jesus rode into Jerusalem to fanfare do you think that donkey thought it was for him?” She wanted to be a donkey that Christ could carry Jesus in his glory. *cool quote.

Don’t think of yourself more highly than you should. Pride makes you think you’re better than you are. Anecdote about old man who wanted respect for being a pillar in the church. *I’m realizing the problems from using the word in the definition, and anecdotes that aren’t relevant for all age groups. “esteem others more highly” and “put others first”. It takes the holy spirit to carry this out. *I think he’s repeated esteem or highly about ten times. Not helping understanding.

I got distracted. People fight over stupid things. We hold onto grudges and don’t like people.

Walking with gentleness is power under control. *Good quote. Using power or authority, rightly. Like Christ.

*guy with tourettes is sitting behind me today. He laughs at everything pastor says.

Jesus has absolute power under control. If he fills your heart he will enable you to do this. Be as gentle as you can and as firm as you have to be. Sometimes we have to correct people. But it’s never to be pushy (?) or vindictive but to help them, with gentleness. Showing consideration with others. “Common courtesy” should be especially evident in the church. “courtesy means sometimes keepin your mouth shut”

Walk with patience. Longsuffering. Enduring negative circumstances without retaliating. We’re all in process, not perfect. Demonstrating quiet restraint when annoyed. Christ has redeemed some pretty annoying weird people and he’s placed them in the body of Christ. Unity requires longsuffering because we’re weak and frail. Referencing Noah who faced persecution. Pray for those who persecute you, doesn’t mean praying, “Dear God, please kill him.” lols

Jesus says love your enemies. *I wish he were tying this in better to the message of churn unity. Yea some people make enemies in the church but the anecdotes about being hated as a pastor – I’d just like to hear how that gets resolved, HOW to love your enemies, esp. within the church.

We see people at their best and at their worst. We learn to put up with others’ idiot-syncracies. Because we’re ruled by Jesus. *yea but how?! Don’t just tell people to learn to love people, teach us how.

Love one another in spite of faults. The world will see it. If we demonstrate it. Ask the spirit of god to teach you to live this stuff out. *if only he’d spent half the time on that concept.

Rustling. Getting ready to jet. Is there tea and coffee after the service today? Ending prayer. Songs again.


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