Blogging church #2

From the opening prayer: God has a plan for your life. *In other words, he has a plan for you. We have a plan for our lives, but will we acknowledge your supremacy, your way as right, your right to govern and our sinfulness in thinking we can decide what’s right and wrong as if we were gods? – your way, not mine, oh Lord. I don’t know your way, please repeat yourself in my life. Megaphone of the holy spirit, please.

Depressed in church. :( Too much time to think. Sitting closer to the back – it’s a new perspective. Seeing other people worship.

Luke 6:1-11
The Sabbath is a prescribed law of God. You could’ve been put to death for desecrating it. 39 categories of desecration: igniting/putting out fires, swatting a fly, sowing, reaping, etc. (it’d be great if it were mentioned that those are from the talmud or some other non-Biblical source).

“So what is the sabbath?”
It brings healing. Gives life. Sabbat means to cease. Root word for seven. Sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath. There’s a rhythm to life we have been created for. Sabbath was created so man could be restored.

David ate the consecrated bread when they were on the road and hungry, because he needed to be restored – his life was in danger and you should violate any law that prevents you from helping save a life.

Sore muscles. Hard to concentrate. Jesus is showing that life is to be given on the sabbath. Healing.

Ceasing resting embracing and feasting.

Do things that bring you joy and refresh the spirit. And then direct yourself to God so you remember he is the giver of all things, giver of life.

It wasn’t just to take a break it draws you back to who God is.

I’m pretty sure I just touched gum under the seat. Shudder. My fingers are still feeling it.

Quoting the pope: keep the sabbath holy, not just a weekend activity.

Sabbath isn’t just a different kind of work – it demonstrates faith to let go of the things we want to finish.

God didn’t say, “take a break… if you can”

It requires stopping. There’s always more to do. It’s a violation of our culture of go go go. It’s like obeying the pedestrian signals. It’s hard to give up our freedom to get their quicker.

Everything doesn’t depend on us. It depends on God.

Rob Bell quote: sabbath is a day of healing. I am loved just because I exist. My job is to enjoy. To be available. We have to sit still and stop and listen to our inner voice. It is possible to be good Christian and never let Jesus heal your soul.

It is so difficult to stop doing. To be still. And stop pursuing.

Prayer. May we celebrate you today. Be refreshed and worship freely. Amen.


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