Ruth Bell Graham

My church had a Christian book exchange on Sunday. That meant we got rid of a box of old books we’ll never read and so did a whole lot of other people. It was kinda fun. I picked up a Russian spy thriller called, “Thy Kingdom Come.” At least that’s what it looked like. It was from the 60s. It gave me Mad Man vibes so I had to pick it up.

But I also pounced on a little 31 day devotional compiled after the death of Ruth Bell Graham, of the writings she did for Decision magazine.

I read one this morning and I was shocked by the forthrightness with which she writes. She calls you out, straight-up.

There are things which entangle us. Things that may not seem evil but certainly do not help us. “Excess weight” that keeps us from being spiritually fit. She makes no bones about it. Read your Bible, not just books about the Bible. Lose weight if it keeps you from running as fast as you could. And don’t be so busy with serving God you become a spiritual wasteland within yourself.

For Ruth, it’s simple. Faithful. I want that kind of faith.


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