I just spent an evening with old friends. Good friends who I haven’t kept the best of touch with. But they’re the sort of people you can pick right back up from where you left off. Of course, keeping straight where everyone lives now and where everyone works is a challenge, especially for someone like me prone to forgetting details, but it was a good evening of catching up. Also, these were the women I learned a lot of cookin skills from. So we had morrocan rice dish with yams, green Thai curry chicken, and other delicious dishes. I brought bakery treats fromthe grocery store, but they went over well and no one else brought dessert so I don’t feel bad about not having made anything (I’ve made four pies this week and was kinda sick of baking).

Anyway. It wasn’t the slick fall boots I wore or the new purse, the food I brought or the nice outfit I had on, that made me happy, although I did appreciate these things. Nope. It was that we could forget about what we were wearing (after commenting, of course, because everyone DID look lovely and we hadn’t seen each other in a while) and just focus on each other. I can’t even remember what we talked about, aside from updates. But we were there, for the sole purpose if one another. We cared and listened and it wasn’t contrived it was from the heart. We were happy to see each other. And it was good to say the blessing and eat delicious home cooked food. Oh, and play with tiny cats. Oscar and Mackenzie, although for some reason I dubbed her Jacinda because I kept forgetting Mackenzie.

Fun. Times. In a beautiful wee home. No expectation. Just presence. And cats. And really beautiful people that remind me of the beauty in life. That inspire me to try harder and not be so hard on myself. Without so many words, I felt the love and camaraderie I remember I had and took for granted.

These are the best kinds of parties. Where, wherever you turn, there is a friend.


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