Blogging Church #4

Didn’t start blogging until half?-way through. Tired this morning.

I think the reason why i tune out is the tone. It’s like a lecture but long and I don’t enjoy it like I would a lecture from some of my best professors – be it English or Physical Geography or even the less than riveting first-year Film – it was easy to listen because the professors loved what they were talking about, and – this is the key – I was learning.

As the dear pastor speaks I rewrite it in my head. Ways that would make it more interesting, ways that would connect to me – the audience, and resonate in a way that is personal.

I think that’s key. It doesn’t sound exciting or personal like it does when it comes from a professor who loves this stuff. Our pastor sounds like a salesman, which is too harsh but I don’t mean used car salesman. I mean the guy who is trained on the specs of a product and he’s trying to convince you so you’ll buy at the end. Rote.

With a few cliched phrases thrown in. “the cross is worth living for. It’s worth dying for.”

And a few of those higher-pitched moments get Amens from a few.

Buy maybe what I don’t want is a lecture, in the way a teacher can simply tell me something that is true, sterile and rehearsed and desperate. But I want the truth in love. I want the truth with the passion behind it that comes from a life already touched by said truth. The truth from heart to heart, by way of the mind.

Good final point from the Pastor – your spouse has been bought with the blood of Christ.

Marks = stigmata. (in the Greek)

Ok here’s a good idea. If St. Paul suffered real life hardships for Christ – and you’re setting him up as an example for us to follow (and you’re not calling us to be missionaries in high-persecution nations), then you better tell us not just to “sacrifice anything for Jesus” but tell us what it looks like to lay our lives down in a debt-ridden, poverty-stricken, depraved and sick generation where we WON’T get physically assaulted for our faith Because I think we SHOULD be laying down our lives. But how and for whom and why… I need those dots connected.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patrick says:

    That was put really well. Could not have said it better myself.

  2. Interesting and good. Thank you for sharing this!

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