From a distance

Today someone I follow Tweeted a link to a YouTube video of Kim Walker singing How He Loves us.

I’m a fan. But this song was new and big and powerful to me a long time ago. More than six months?

Yet I played it in the background as I worked. And at one point I listened and I imagined myself singing it. During a bridge or chorus or some other easy-to-sing-along-to part. Singing it with the same passion, as if I were Kim Walker and it was totally appropriate to sing it with your guts. (Lungs?)

And I felt it. I believed the words as I remembered specific recent joyous events. Because He loves us. it was praise and I felt it. But it was brief, and seemed far away, like I was looking at it through a keyhole and it was very distant.

And I went back to my work. A bit happier. Because even though I don’t know the next time I’ll have the chance to worship, in reality, like that, and whether or not I’ll even be able to, I still felt for a brief moment that yes, God loves me, and I want to belt it.


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  1. Ange says:

    we love because He first loved us.
    1 john 4:19. Thats one of the verses that resonates with me when i sing this song. Kim Walker and Chris Quilala are two of my favorite worship bands.

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