Blogging Church #6

Pastor used to live in “Gran Banane”. This weekend is the opening of lobster season. Delicious lobster. Trapped.

Satan sets traps for us. To rob us of our joy in Christ.

Have you ever felt like a hamster? On a wheel? Running running but not getting anywhere?

This wheel is the Performance wheel – a trap of Satan.

Jesus bridges thegapbetween my sin and Gods holiness. The more we grow as Christians the more we understand Gods holiness, and our own sinfulness. And the awareness and appreciation of Gods grace grows.

Satan tries to diminish that understanding of how great the cross is to bridge the gap between God and us. By making performance a supplement, an add-on that shrinks the role of the cross and increases our wheel spinning to reach God.

Instead of living like children of God, we live like slaves trying to earn approval. It happens when our eyes are trained off of Jesus and turn to ourselves. To our own actions.

Think about this: what do you imagine Gods face to be like when he looks at you?

Sad. Troubled. I don’t know. But it’s not overjoyed.

“God is deeply satisfied with you.” because when he looks at you he sees the righteousness of Jesus, with whom he is well pleased.

And it’s about Jesus.

Rom. 5:1
Peace with God has to do with what Christ has done. The reality is we stand there already – we don’t understand it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the reality. We have access to Christ now. There is no barrier – unless we make one up and decide to live under that lie, that trap of Satan.

(having trouble concentrating – great sermon, wish it was wrapping up now though. I feel like I’m going to lose information if I hear any more.)

Cross centered living – standing in the grace we’ve received. We’re in a new position – we have God’s unconditional acceptance and approval.

I have God’s unconditional acceptance and approval.

I get this: as we grow older we begin to understand our own sin.

And the more we grow in knowledge and understanding of God, we begin to realize how holy he is.

As we understand the holy heights of God and the deprave depths of our lives – the dissonance between us and God becomes clear. And the vastness, the glory, the grandness of the cross, which reaches across the divide, becomes more clearly such a great act of grace an mercy and compassion and power.

What makes us susceptible to hamster-wheel performance running is ignorance – forgetting what Christ has done. So gird yourself with the knowledge of what Christ has done. Keep it close. Memorize verses that are meaningful to you. If you find yourself gettin down on yourself, look away from yourself and look towards Jesus.

The image on the screen today is of lobster traps, and the title is “The Cross: The Way Out of the Trap.”

I am standing in God’s grace.


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