Blogging Church #7

My eyes are watering non-stop this morning. Annoying and embarrassing. Last week I tried to tell Pastor he did a good sermon but he interrupted me making a joke/comment about how often I was yawning. Jeez. Hazards of sitting near the front.

It is not difficult to become interested in the Gospel. But little enthusiasm for the patient acquisition of holiness. (parahrased quote from Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction I own this book but have never read it – I think the title might have intimidated me).

There is a picture of an egg. It’s a diagram with the Gospel as the yoke. Gospel Truths as the white. And conduct as the shell. It’s not actually an egg – in fact I’m not sure how this diagram relates to what he’s saying.

Big word: antinomianism. Using God’s grace as a license to sin.

What’s the motivation not to sin?

1) We know God has saved us. We are righteous before him because of what Christ did on the cross.

Sanctification: Present (1), Progressive (in progress)(2), and Perfect (in the future)(3).

Romans 6:1-6

The motivation for obedience:
1. Christ’s love for us – his initiating act of relationship – informs our response to him; which is love. Love fuels obedience.
We love because he first loved us.

Our problem with sin is usually a problem with love.

2. Sin’s destructive nature. We are lied to every day. We are told that we are apart from God’s grace and need to work to get back, or that we are too far gone.

3. The goodness of God. What God commands us is for our good, he wants to bless us. His laws come out if his heart for us – which is full of love.

4. A Loving Father’s Discipline.

You can never have enough jam. Unless you were a jam maker. Then perhaps you might have more than enough jam.

(I’m distracted)

5. The Promise of Eternal Reward – remembering our life isn’t just what is on this world. We are eternal beings – we shouldn’t live just for the flesh.

6. Christ is worthy. He is King of Kings.

Where do you get the power to live differently?

Romans 8:11-14
The Holy Spirit – the power to obey. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead is in us. It can fill us and control us – Ephesians 5:18. But only one of us can be in the saddle – who fills you? Your own thoughts? Self-centered inwardly-focused? Or are you Christ centered?

Only the Spirit can make us Christ-centered.

God has put you where you are and told you to be good and faithful servant where he’s put us. By the power of the spirit we can walk in obedience.

Good sermon, Pastor :)


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