Blogging Church #8

Generous God

An interesting although distractingly fictional-sounding story about a Persian King who comes to sit with the man who stokes the fires in the bath house and sits on a pile of ash.

In order to be generous we must look to the cross. By Christ’s poverty we might become rich.

We as followers must demonstrate a similar generosity. To follow is to imitate.

God does not call us to a prosperity gospel, but a self-sacrificing generosity.

When your heart is changed by what Christ has done for you, you gain a feeling of abundance, a joy and desire to share the goodness with others. God has given you everything you need in Him. With that comes freedom from clinging to possessions and resources, realization that God owns everything, and he is a lavish giver. It is blessed to give because we have been given so much.

I lost a paragraph due to crash.

– plan your giving
– be responsible, trust God with what he has entrusted to you
– laziness, greed, carelessness, can drain your resources
– keep the poor in your mind, don’t become blind to the needs of others


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