National Staff Conference

Brenda salter McNeil – Wednesday night plenary

Diversity brings complexity. Simetimes God does stuff we weren’t – or can’t be – prepared for.

Widows were marginalized and shamed. The people have to provide for her. Widows are still – in many cultures – shamed and unwanted.

Who checks on these people? Looks after the different, needy people.

Justice sustains reconciliation. It’s not just personal, individual relationships, it’s systemic. Because that’s what more people – on the outside and inside – see and judge.

All of us have blindspots. There are people who feel like the widows and we don’t even know.

Who is starving, not being fed? Emotional, cultural, sociological ways? Introverts/extroverts. Different emotional needs. Cultural needs. What feeds the hunger in my soul?

People who are different than us see things we can’t see.

Put aside busyness to address the needs the issues that would destroy the community.

The leaders were being overlooked, too.

How do we get students in the pipeline of leadership? When they don’t look or even lead like us?

We need bridge- builders. Distinguished as Godly, Spirit-lead people.

There are bridge-builders here.


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