Year End Report


Here are a few lines excerpted from the report I wrote on the “Field Education” component of my degree. This is in regards to my work in from September –  April.




What do you feel you have learned at this particular placement?

  • How to conduct an efficient weekly meetings that fosters closeness of a team by covering both the encouraging and challenging aspects of ministry, giving time for praying for one another and sharing “what everyone needs to know”.
  • Creativity, flexibility, as well as problem-solving skills is essential when it comes to week-to-week planning of Sundays or major events. Good planning is key for a Sunday morning to run smoothly, and to avoid stress, but things will still pop up unexpected – we’re constantly learning and growing and developing our ministry to better meet the needs of those we serve.
  • Working near a coffee shop where you can go and clear your mind is key to productivity.
  • The support of a team is incredible for feeling confident and courageous, like your co-workers have got your back in putting on a Sunday morning. None of us work in silos, we do many events and activities together and we meet weekly as a whole team to make sure we know what’s going on in the church generally. It is a great environment for ministry.

Add any further comments you would like to about your “readiness for ministry.”

I feel ready to do my job, but obviously still lack experience at this point in areas of ministry that are pretty central to the role of a priest. I still don’t “feel the call” to the priesthood but I do feel that ministry in the church is where I wish to continue. I believe that I have grown in my confidence in my abilities as I’ve experienced the life of this parish, and recognize that the great unknowns of ministry – as they become known – are making it easier for me to envision myself participating in the future of the church. I still feel a ways away from ordained ministry, but I recognize that I am on that path (however long it may be).


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