Birth Control

A woman in victorian garb using her parisol to threaten the advancing stork-w-a-baby-hanging-around-its-neck.
No you have never seen anything better than this.


I love Buzzfeed.

This post is written by a member of the community and like all things on the internet, tended to get a bit…reductionist: We Asked 24 Women Why They Don’t Use Birth Control…

There are a few assumptions one could make about this topic:

  • It’s obvious from the content of their answers that they’re referring not to birth control at large (which includes anything used to prevent birth, such as condoms, spermicide, IUDs…), but “The Pill.”
  • They could be catholics.
  • They could be allowing for “Fertility Awareness” methods that mean you don’t have sex during that particularly fertile window. Still birth control, technically.
  • They could be like the Duggars, and hoping to have 19 children.
  • They could be against all forms of modern medicine and not vaccinate their children or accept blood transfusions.
  • They could be lesbians!

The point is, we just don’t know. These are women who have made deeply personal, and hopefully well-informed decisions based on a lot of factors. Their religious background, their moral compass, their understanding of medicine as well as their own bodies are all factors in making this decision.

But alas, when it’s presented on a piece of white cardboard, it just seems so simple, doesn’t it?

One assumption that many of the cards suggest is that The Pill is for women that can’t control themselves. This is unfortunate. We love to divide ourselves into these camps of people who are morally righteous and pit ourselves against those whom (we judge) aren’t.

Comparing ourselves against others just distances us from others… which seems to be the noble goal but it’s a temporary ego boost for long-term loneliness, anger and doesn’t get us any closer to God.

The only righteous one, the only good one (you know, fully, completely, ultimately good – the one who makes completely informed decisions because he’s all knowing and is a fair yet merciful judge) is God… surprise.

So quit throwing stones. Keep reading other’s stories. Keep practising compassion and if you’re really interested in informing young women about the potential risks of The Pill, then go into education, or medicine!

But for the love of God, put down those signs.


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