Joy is a habit.

I am a HUGE FAN of Ann Voskamp. Huge fan. 


Today she posted this, and while normally I’m resistant to anything that hints at “just think positive” as though cognitive behaviour therapy isn’t really hard… I like the little play on words:


When you think of joy as a robe, joy is an article of clothing you put on, you are acknowledging that joy isn’t your birthday suit, it isn’t that au naturel way of being. Joy is of the Lord. We are anxious, pessimistic, fearful beings at times, and as much as we want to be reprogrammed (love that song) we unfortunately can’t change ourselves with the flip of a switch. What we can do, however, is put something on that is new and uncomfortable at first and wear it so often we are moulded into it, it transforms us, we become trained in it until it becomes natural. We are organic beings that grow and wilt and need time to change. We need to work at new things, train ourselves to be different that what we are naturally. 

And I love the imagery of a habit. Humility marks the life of a monk. You put on that robe to remind you that to be something you are not naturally takes swallowing your pride. And being at risk of being a shiny happy person.



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