It’s obvious, but needs me a good remindin’, that not everyone called “Friend” on Facebook is a friend. It’s why I don’t care about everything I see on my newsfeed and despite vigilant unfollowing nevertheless find myself overwhelmed by how much must be scrolled past (#firstworldproblems).

I went through my Friends list today and removed over a hundred people. It’s not much but it’s a small stab at the problem of information overload and I hope my newsfeed is better for it.

I doubt the cleansing is over (sinister laugh).

To be frank, though, I’m not concerned that I’m becoming a heartless sociopath, because I care about many hundreds of people in my life and on FB, in my circles of friends and acquaintances. Facebook, unfortunately, has become a place where there are so many people sharing intimate details of their life (family photos) it’s like a white noise of baby announcements and timed runs and OMYGOSHEVERYONEISPREGNANT.

*ahem* Anyway.

I drew this, with regards to how scrolling through my FB newsfeed can make me feel like everyone is pregnant or has babies, when in reality, it’s just Facebook: land of young moms:


There is a disproportionate amount of newborns and pregnancies on FB because of how effective it is at disseminating adorable baby photos to family & friends (the people that actually care). Some I’m able to ignore but sometimes it feels awkward…like I’m standing in a room full of strangers who are friends with each other but not me and I’m wondering why I’m even there. Or it’s like being forced to stare at an advertisement while waiting for a bus or subway to arrive – an ad for Coca-Cola or LifeMates – you might be able to ignore it if you hate coke or are happily mated, but if you’re lonely or thirsty that day the ads just make you feel it more acutely.

THUS, the cleansing.

Time to make Facebook a little FRIENDLIER and a little less STRANGE (because I’m unfriending the relative strangers on my friends list… in case that wasn’t clear).


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