Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Have you ever read about Bill Gates? About how he left Microsoft in 2006 to work full time with his wife at their foundation (a foundation is like a company that gives money to organizations that already exist). Their job is deciding how to give away their money. Makes sense that that would be a full time job, hmm? When you’re Bill Gates, at least.

Here’s a sermon series on How to Be Rich.


Now are we being radically generous? Are we limiting spending on ourselves in order to give sacrificially, and do extraordinary things with our money? Are we living – day in, day out, month in, month out – in a way that shows in real dollars given, that we believe this life isn’t all there is and that being a Christian makes us different from the cultural norm of consumerism and selfishness.


Aiight. So maybe you’ve given a goat to your grandmother for Christmas. Do that, if Grandma really cares about giving goats to the goatless. But if Grandma doesn’t? Give the goat anyway, and tell no one. Or do something that means something to you.

Here are charities I personally believe in:



United Way


Whether it’s twenty dollars worth of food for the food bank, or a cheque for $200, or charging two-thousand (that you can afford to pay off!) – give. Often and freely and generously and without telling anyone (teach your kids though). Make your bank account a Christian – make it follow in the footsteps of Christ. Heal the sick, give sight to the blind, feed thousands. Because you have been given the power to do so.

Merry Christmas! Start a foundation with your spouse! After all, you’re rich!


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