Awkward, Awkward Moments with Christine

All from today, Sunday. I work at a church. Me: We’re getting into the Bible, and the Bible is getting into us! Intelligent child not getting the subtleties of language making a scene and derailing the conversation with comments akin to: OW! That’s going to hurt! and enacting something akin to being gutted… Me: Well, the Bible…

Cats don’t stress

From today’s post by Ann Voskamp.   I printed this off and have it beside my computer at work.

Don’t use a wrench to do a drill’s job

First off: create this hilarious mental image – trying to drill a hole with a wrench. Ok, now that you’re loling… PRAYER. Prayer is like a WRENCH. When you mess up, when you’re tempted, trying to fix things through prayer is like trying to drill a hole with a wrench. Hilarious but really, really frustrating….

ClearPlay, eh?

Apparently, there is technology that edits movies for you. Here is the list of things you can have removed. It either skips the scene or mutes the language, and you can control what you want filtered out (if you don’t want to hear OMG but don’t mind seeing illicit drug use, you can do that)….


things I’m really grateful for. that make life good. an exhaustive list would be impossible. picture of the grapefruit from

So what you’re saying is…

The LORD is my shepherd, I am a stupid, stinky animal covered in burrs that has a tendency to get stuck on cliffs and drown in two inches of water. And God is my caretaker. I shall not be in want. Sounds like paradise. Not hungry, not thirsty, not cold, not wet. Maybe a nice…

Jesus is Hard to Enjoy

Jesus is Hard to Enjoy – Articles – God’s Word – I seek comfort – He invites me to join in his suffering. I like acceptance and approval – He calls me to be counter-cultural. I assume my right to safety – He calls me to personal risk. I desire financial security – He…

Who needs Thursday, anyway?

My latest feat as a graphic designer: A “Calendar”. Don’t you love it? Oh, and let’s not forget “Click and Event”

Little Sumos

I like tilt-shift photography, or as I like to call it, making big things look itty bitty. Here are 49 more.


Life is hard. When you feel like saying “guh” have a “hug” instead; it’ll turn everything around!

Bible Study

God listens when we pray in groups Actually there’s a great sermon here about faith (Faith, Hope & Luck sermon series, sermon number 2). Truthfully, we can’t make God do stuff if we get the formula right (the quote is a formula, but is quoted for its humour rather than its truthfulness), and he is…

It’s Passover time!

We had a Jewish Christian (Messianic Jew) staff come in on Tuesday, and instead of Chapel we had Seder, pronounced SAY-derr. It was awesome. So tactile, so rich in symbolism, so humbling, so beautiful.